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Private Labor


Our Firm offers its clients the possibility of having a permanent labor counsel on everyday subjects for your company’s development, such as:

  • Attention to everyday normal business inquiries.
  • Permanent and immediate update of reforms of labor laws.
  • Calculation of labor compensations and salary garnishments.
  • Assistance with disciplinary letters, general communiques, guidelines, work contracts, professional services contracts, working hours and internal disciplinary procedures.
  • Review of compensation plans.
  • Training of personnel on labor subjects through “in house” seminars.

A good analysis of a company’s present situation, is that which is done from within the organization itself, since we start off from the fact that nobody knows the company better than those who run it and decide on its fate. For this reason, our Firm designed the “Labor Self-Diagnosis”, whose purpose is to provide the companies with a tool to evaluate their condition regarding compliance of labor laws and, thus, identify possible contingencies in order to establish corrective actions in the short term.

BDS Asesores puts Due Diligence, better known as Labor Audit, in your hands. It is a process by means of which you can identify the labor contingencies your company could be handling, in order to establish a plan of action to correct and adequately manage the risk.

We provide counsel on the design of internal regulations to control the labor activity of your company. Furthermore, our Firm provides counsel for the design and implementation of internal policies custom-made for your company and in compliance with current legal regulations.

We, in BDS Asesores, design reliable and safe compensation plans for our clients, taking into consideration salary and non-salary benefits, adapting to both the company’s and worker’s needs, and to Costa Rican labor laws as well. This is done by means of a strategic consulting.

We design a confidential information protection plan that adjusts to your company’s needs, including documentation and implementation support. We also offer our consulting service for the implementation of a non-post-contractual competition plan for your company’s key positions.

BDS Asesores provides a counseling service for the implementation of worker monitoring and control mechanisms that allow you to correctly exercise the employer’s power of direction, while respecting, at the same time, all worker’s fundamental rights.

Hiring foreign employees to work in our country, or transferring a Costa Rican worker to a company installation outside the country, has important implications that every company should take into consideration. BDS Asesores provides counseling for the correct legal and migratory treatment of these kinds of international assignments.

Our Firm places itself at the forefront by offering the Telecommuting implementation program. It can be either permanent or temporary, and it is custom designed for your company. In this way, in order for your company to begin with a safe and current labor law and occupational safety compliant telecommuting plan, we offer the following services:

  • Advising on the appointment of the coordinating team.
  • Setting the limits of the pilot plan.
  • Information and induction sessions for the collaborators.
  • Design of internal policies for telecommuting implementation.
  • Addendum to existing working contracts.
  • Process evaluation forms.
  • Advising on occupational health.

BDS Asesores regularly conducts updating seminars and training programs on labor related subjects of national incidence; which can be either in open or “in house” formats, according to the needs and specifications of each company.