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Panama – Act 7
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Panama – Act 7

by charbds, 18 February, 2019

February 18, 2019
Ana Carolina Ríos / arios@bdsasesores.com
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After the first anniversary of the publication of Act 7 dated February 14, 2018 in the Official Gazette, we are beginning to see results in Panama following its enactment. To date, movements such as #MeToo and those promoted by groups advocating for the respect of diversity and non-discrimination are becoming strong and gaining followers throughout the Panamanian territory.

For the main purpose of eradicating discrimination and harassment from all sectors, the so-called “#LeyPiropo(which Regulations have not yet been issued) has already set the groundwork to start a positive change.

The Law aims to prevent, prohibit and penalize any kind of discriminatory actions, and ordered public entities, professional organizations, private companies, and academic institutions to adopt internal procedures to resolve and punish these situations.

As of May 16 last year, employers were required to issue internal policies, regulations or other instruments oriented to investigate and discipline people responsible for these actions, provided that the integrity, dignity and specially the confidential nature of all persons involved should be considered.

Over this year, we had the opportunity and pleasant experience to train a large number of company representatives and their workers and have developed Internal Policies for companies from different sectors. If your company is not yet compliant with the provisions of this law, do not hesitate to reach us and become in good standing condition with these requirements. Our professionals are available to you.

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